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We accept guest posts about:

  • food innovators and startups
  • food justice
  • finding the balance between tech and traditional methods of food production
  • food marketing and storytelling

Your post can be a food startup announcement, a case study, an innovative chef or food activist, a food app, or a groundbreaking restaurant seeking change in the food industry.

Posts must include usable how-to material and be informative. Posts must take a broad view of the culture of food, not be one-note promotional pieces. A good rule of thumb is to make your post 80% informational and 20% promotional. You may include one link back to your company site, and your bio may include a link also. We will reject posts with more than two links.

We don’t run infographics. Articles are more in our editorial wheelhouse.

We are interested in articles from 500-1200 words. If we accept your post, you agree to promote it on your social channels in at least two Twitter posts, one Facebook post, and two posts on other channels such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Posts do not have to be exclusive to us, so you may run your post elsewhere at the same time it runs on Red Cup. Posts that run first on Red Cup are preferred.

We do not pay for guest posts. We do not charge you to post on our site.

To start the process of submitting a guest post, use the form below.  Or just drop us a line at hello@futurefood.fm. Put the Guest Post Query in the subject line, and in the body of the email give a two or three sentence pitch describing your post. Let us know whether it has been posted elsewhere or would appear for the first time on Future of Food.

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