Season 2 Complete

We have posted Episode 10 of Season 2 — and that is the end of the season.

Wow. Take a breath.

It’s been a fascinating mountain to climb, starting with recording at our co-working space studio and moving to remote recording in all kinds of locations. We can look back at this season with pride, having covered so much ground. We discussed farming on an industrial scale to farming on your porch, to theories of the meaning of the pandemic to misinformation campaigns about climate change and food. We offered some role models, like the co-founders and owners of Palette Food and Juice. We offered solutions with Scott Jurek’s advice on following a plant-based diet and Rebecca Webster’s vision for a future rooted in past wisdom traditions.

Here are links to all the episodes.

Ryland Englehart – Regenerative Agriculture
Loretta Allison – Urban Gardens that Heal
Dr. Vandana Shiva – Economic, Food, and Gender Justice
Dr. Zach Bush – A Vision for the Pandemic, Immunology, and the Future
Kaitlin Mogentale Creates a Better Snack for You and the Planet
Timothy Wise – Eating Tomorrow
Fighting Climate Change Misinformation with Georgina Gustin
Palette Food and Juice – Molly Keith and Melissa Nester
Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek Eats for the Win
Seed Sharing and Indigenous Wisdom with Rebecca Webster