The Science Behind Melting Cheese

the science of melting cheese

Written by Rosemary Kobe

What is it made of?

Cheese is a nutritional food made mostly from milk including that of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, reindeer, camels, and yaks. Around 7200 years ago people seem to have started to rear animals and process their milk. That’s when the cheese was born. We all love and enjoy cheese in our dishes but what is better than regular cheese? Behold the Melting Cheese. Melted cheese has given us many beloved dishes. Here’s all you need to know about the best cheese for Burgers in Australia and why it makes you wanting more.

The main ingredient in cheese is milk. The type of coagulant used depends on the type of cheese desired. Calcium chloride is sometimes used to improve coagulation. Flavorings may be added depending on the cheese. Some common ingredients of cheese are herbs, spice, peppers, horseradish, and port wine.  Salt contributes to the flavor and drawing moisture from the cheese, creating a smoother texture helps in the protection it from bacterial contamination. Choosing the right cheese is the key to success to create the best American Cheeses in Australia. With the highest cheese content, creamy flavor and texture make it ideal for making great burgers.

History of the melting cheese

Nobody knows the exact history of who discovered the joy of melted cheese. But over the course of time, Switzerland took ownership of traditions. According to the Swiss Patrimoine Culinaire, raclette was first presented as Valais delicacy during 1909 regional culinary exhibition and later began its ascent to the beloved dish in the 1964 National Exhibition. But while raclette was slowly rising in popularity, fondue was rocketing in trend in Europe and then the world. Like raclette and fondue melted cheese has given birth to many other recipes. With the ever-increasing experimentation of the melted cheese in dishes, it is expected to give rise to many more dishes.

Why is it so tasty?

Freshly made cheese usually tastes salty and bland. As it is aging or ripening period that helps in developing flavor. As cheese ages, the texture and flavor of the cheese are intensified. When talking about taste for melted cheese it largely depends on our natural affinity for creamy fatty treats. Along with the versatility of the use of melted cheese as a sauce for many dishes as well as the main ingredient, it is beloved throughout the world. Taken together with a warm and smooth feeling in your mouth it exceeds the expectations for our guilty pleasure for the healthy fat.

Why is it good with burgers?

There is no cheeseburger without our American Cheese slices melting from the burger. The awesomeness of the combination of fast food and slickness of the melting cheese is truly remarkable. The easiness of eating the burger with ever so smooth and creamy Hi Melt Cheese slices is both convenient and delicious. The double combination of the umami taste from meat and cheese is a perfect combo for any food lovers. We find the creaminess appetizing though it’s largely a mystery on why we feel that way. There is no rocket science on why we like a burger with melted cheese, it’s all about how it feels in our mouth.

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