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Adventures in Urban Homesteading

Urban homesteading is an urban household that has its own residents produce the livestock, produce, and food that they consume which personalizes food cultivation on

  In 1975, my parents left New York City for a tiny one-room cabin in rural New England. It was a textbook example of back-to-the-land Hippie idealism. Tucked away amongst hidden maples and pines, their little retreat was everything New York was not — wood stove, outhouse, a forested Eden to entertain their long-haired, grass-smoking… Read more »

The Food Waste You Don’t See

Lawmakers and consumers must take action to reduce the amount of food waste in landfills on

40 percent of food ends up in the landfill before it hits the supermarket. The headlines are alarming: Americans Generate $200 Billion in Food Waste Per Year. Produce Left Rotting in the Field. Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. As awareness of food waste goes mainstream—one report found that more than half of Americans recognize food… Read more »

Is Vertical Farming Here to Stay?

Vertical farming provides many benefits especially as urban living becomes more popular indoor farming may be our only solution on

Unprecedented investments in indoor agriculture are no guarantee the high tech plant factories will be key players in the future of food. Almost two decades after vertical farming pioneer Dickson Despommier first introduced the idea of growing food in buildings, not fields—and later published his seminal book, The Vertical Farm—indoor farms are in more cities… Read more »

Should We Fear the Rise of Farm Robots? These Experts Say No

Robotics in agriculture has risen dramatially over the years but experts believe that there is no reason to fear on

  More than 60,000 factory workers in China were replaced by robots in 2016 by Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn. Since their launch in 2000, two million medical procedures have been performed by robotic surgical company Da Vinci’s bots. In Japan, robots are taking over secretarial jobs and serving as greeters and hotel receptionists. See… Read more »

Tap an App for Social Good?

Downloading the Share a Meal app will allow you to donate a meal to malnourished individuals across the world with a single tap on your phone on

  Reach in your pocket or purse, feel around a little bit. What do you come across? Perhaps some crumpled up receipts, a piece of gum or two, maybe a multitude of pens. Oh, and probably some annoying loose change that you never have much use for, right? While that cluttering of coins may be… Read more »