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A New Manifesto

Written by Lee Schneider It’s time to launch Season Two of the Future of Food podcast. We are going into production on ten new episodes. Here’s what’s changing. Future of Food will become a podcast about eating better for ourselves and for the planet. We’ll be interviewing activists and change-makers, visiting innovative restaurants, sampling food… Read more »

Avocado, Superstar

Avocado Superstar on Futurefood

When you encounter an avocado today, you meet a superfood at the apogee of its culinary fame. The toast it rests upon in the wildly popular menu item of avocado toast may be nothing less than a throne. The avocado’s culinary status wasn’t always lofty. Just like movie stars improve on their names (Judy Garland… Read more »

Is Vertical Farming Here to Stay?

Vertical farming provides many benefits especially as urban living becomes more popular indoor farming may be our only solution on

Unprecedented investments in indoor agriculture are no guarantee the high tech plant factories will be key players in the future of food. Almost two decades after vertical farming pioneer Dickson Despommier first introduced the idea of growing food in buildings, not fields—and later published his seminal book, The Vertical Farm—indoor farms are in more cities… Read more »

The Food Waste You Don’t See

Lawmakers and consumers must take action to reduce the amount of food waste in landfills on

40 percent of food ends up in the landfill before it hits the supermarket. The headlines are alarming: Americans Generate $200 Billion in Food Waste Per Year. Produce Left Rotting in the Field. Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. As awareness of food waste goes mainstream—one report found that more than half of Americans recognize food… Read more »