Author: Lee Schneider

Season 2 Complete

We have posted Episode 10 of Season 2 — and that is the end of the season. Wow. Take a breath. It’s been a fascinating mountain to climb, starting with recording at our co-working space studio and moving to remote recording in all kinds of locations. We can look back at this season with pride,… Read more »

Cooking for Others

“The work itself — cooking delicious, interesting food and cleaning up after cooking it — still feels as fresh and honest and immensely satisfying as ever.” — Gabrielle Hamilton Written by Lee Schneider Despite everything, DineLA is going as planned next week with 300 restaurants taking part. This is a semi-annual restaurant festival designed to… Read more »

Black Lives Matter

The climate crisis can be overwhelming, but it’s not the only crisis we struggle with now. Systemic, deep-seated racism, police brutality against people exercising their right to protest, and police violence against members of the media are just a few fires burning in the last week. An ongoing pandemic, almost an afterthought, joins the rest.… Read more »

A New Manifesto

Written by Lee Schneider It’s time to launch Season Two of the Future of Food podcast. We are going into production on ten new episodes. Here’s what’s changing. Future of Food will become a podcast about eating better for ourselves and for the planet. We’ll be interviewing activists and change-makers, visiting innovative restaurants, sampling food… Read more »

Avocado, Superstar

Avocado Superstar on Futurefood

When you encounter an avocado today, you meet a superfood at the apogee of its culinary fame. The toast it rests upon in the wildly popular menu item of avocado toast may be nothing less than a throne. The avocado’s culinary status wasn’t always lofty. Just like movie stars improve on their names (Judy Garland… Read more »

Food Tech and Wellness at Digital Hollywood

Lee Schneider moderating a panel at Digital Hollywood - Food Tech and Wellness

Heads up on an upcoming event! I’ll be moderating a panel discussion at Digital Hollywood in October.  We’ll be talking about food innovators, disruptors and Influencers with a focus on industry change agents and start-up pioneers. I’m excited about this because this is at the heart of the FutureFood mission: understanding food innovators and how… Read more »

Would You Eat a Gooseberry?

How the kiwi got its name

  Kiwifruit are adorable. And like avocados, Kiwifruit have a secret past. Kiwifruit isn’t even its real name. The original name was Chinese gooseberry. It came from China, not New Zealand. If Kiwifruit were still known as Chinese gooseberries they would have remained an odd, fuzzy afterthought, a garnish that few people knew, then alone… Read more »

The Tale of Kale

The secret origin history of kale that has driven the superfood vegetable to the top on

  Once upon a time in America kale was maligned, confined to a cameo role as a garnish. It lined the displays of fast-food salad bars. It was mocked as inedible, a punch line at parties. It has taken decades, but it is a superstar vegetable now, seizing the center of the plate in fancy… Read more »