Author: Kate Durocher

Should We Fear the Rise of Farm Robots? These Experts Say No

Robotics in agriculture has risen dramatially over the years but experts believe that there is no reason to fear on

  More than 60,000 factory workers in China were replaced by robots in 2016 by Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn. Since their launch in 2000, two million medical procedures have been performed by robotic surgical company Da Vinci’s bots. In Japan, robots are taking over secretarial jobs and serving as greeters and hotel receptionists. See… Read more »

Tap an App for Social Good?

Downloading the Share a Meal app will allow you to donate a meal to malnourished individuals across the world with a single tap on your phone on

  Reach in your pocket or purse, feel around a little bit. What do you come across? Perhaps some crumpled up receipts, a piece of gum or two, maybe a multitude of pens. Oh, and probably some annoying loose change that you never have much use for, right? While that cluttering of coins may be… Read more »

Know Your Farmer

People often don't think about the source of their groceries but getting to know the farmer who grows our food can help with community, economy, environment, and health on

  For breakfast, I had a typical L.A. staple: avocado toast. For lunch, a beet and goat cheese salad. And for dinner, I grilled up some chicken and veggies (I’m not much of a cook). Not once while I was savoring these foods did I stop and wonder where they came from. The American food… Read more »

Slow Eating

Eating slowly may improve your overall health, weight, digestion, and satisfaction while eating too fast can be bad for you on

  Nightly dinners were a requirement in my family growing up. This meant a lot of laughs, the passing of plates and maybe a few spats here and there. It also meant watching my dad scarf down his food as my mom sat there shaking her head in disgust. “Can you even taste what you’re… Read more »