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What is this project about? The Future of Food is a podcast, deep dive articles, and a book about what comes next in food. Eating is personal. We all have specific ideas about what goes into our belly and why. For some, it’s driven by health. For others, passion or need. Yet for all the choices we have about what to eat, there are three primary kinds of eaters, and they don’t always agree with each other.

THE PODCAST explores eaters and their passion for food

Vegetarians, meat-eaters, and omnivores approach their meals with passion and debate their choices. But soon, those choices will be shrinking. World population growth and climate change are shaping our food future. 815 million people in the world don’t have enough to eat. There are more than seven billion people on the planet today. By 2050, there will be two billion more mouths to feed. To survive, we have to produce a lot more food. Personal eating habits will have to change. We all need to explore different ways of eating.

FOOD thrives on innovation

Innovations in food have often come from the “top” — from visionary chefs.  Alice Waters champions local ingredients. Jamie Oliver has pioneered food education in schools. Dan Barber is advancing a farm-to-table approach that merges farm, table, and a deep sense of food’s history.  Scientist-chefs and chef-scientists like Nathan Myhrvold and Wylie Dufresne have looked at food through a scientific lens and taken eaters out to the fringes of gastronomy.

As significant as many of these chefs and innovators are, as much as they have driven change in food and food sourcing, most people don’t know their names. When people want to try new food or change the way they eat, few of them will go to a high-end restaurant and drop hundreds of dollars per person.

No, they will try something easier. They will check out a food truck. They will try an ethnic cuisine they haven’t sampled. They might encounter tofu for the first time, a bratwurst, or a tofu dog. They will experience innovative and sometimes crazy blends of cuisines and cultures, like sushi burritos.

This is the podcast that makes more food choices accessible to eaters.

THE BOOK explores stories we have told ourselves about food

Red Cup Editor-In-Chief Lee Schneider is writing a book about the future of food. He is beginning with the stories we have told ourselves about food and why certain foods become popular. You can read some of his work-in-progress chapters here as blog entries.

Food has a narrative. We believe  that one kind is healthy, another is not. Stories about food can make food famous. Kale is a celebrity. Kelp might be next. Some people would never eat a cricket, but love lobster, and both are basically bugs. There was a time when sushi was an outlier. Now it is in supermarkets. The stories created to sell food or which make one kind of food “good” and another “bad” are fascinating. We need to understand these past narratives to grasp the next narratives about food that we need to tell.

The first ten Future of Food episodes are posted here. The next ten are going into production.

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