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What is this project about? We all make a thousand decisions every day about what to eat. But how much do we really know about the food that nourishes us? Who grew it? How much of it never came from the soil or sea but was made in a factory instead? We aim to provide information, conversations, and stories about food, tech, and the food supply chain.

Stories About Food

We have told ourselves stories about food, believing that one kind is healthy, the other is not. Stories about food can  make food famous. Kale is a celebrity. Kelp might be next. Some people would never eat a cricket, but love lobster, and both are basically bugs. There was a time when sushi was an outlier. Now it is in supermarkets. The stories created to sell food or which make one kind of food “good” and another “bad” are fascinating. We will be covering more of them in our upcoming blogs and a book in progress.

The Future of Food project begins with a 20-episode podcast — each episode is about 20 minutes long — and is distributed on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, and Google Play. Each episode has extensive show notes, deep dive articles about related topics, and a transcript that you can read and use to listen to selected parts of each show. (Try it – click on a play button when you see you in a transcript.)

Guest Posts

Want to see your writing about food published here?  We accept guest posts. View our guidelines.

The first ten Future of Food episodes are posted here. The next ten are going into production.

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