7 Instagrams for the Sustainable Food-Lover

Top 7 Instagrams for sustainable eating that will make your mouth water on futurefood.fm

Instagram is a haven for the most creative culinary minds, a digital gallery for aesthetic food images, and a platform propelled by the overwhelming enthusiasm of foodies all over the world. The online food community, however, is expanding beyond simple mouth-watering photos splayed on wooden tables. More and more Instagram users and businesses are celebrating sustainable food movements and their influencers. Here are seven Instagram accounts for the sustainable foodie, from recipe makers to farmers and businesses.

Imperfect Produce

Did you know up to 40% of food grown in the world never makes it to the market, simply because it doesn’t meet stores’ aesthetic standards? Imperfect Produce’s Instagram feed is quirky, minimalist, and eye-catching, with most images featured on a simple white background displaying boldly colored, deformed fruits and vegetables. The quirky props added to the food (like googly eyes) are an attention-grabber and undeniably adorable while speaking volumes about food waste. Beyond the realm of Instagram, Imperfect tackles food waste by selling “ugly” produce at discounted prices from local farms to homes. Imperfect aims to show the world that there’s beauty in imperfection, even in fresh produce, and its Instagram feed is a joy to scroll through.

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné Claiborne is the ethical and creative mind behind Sweet Potato Soul, a vegan blog and YouTube channel that is the perfect space for environmentalists and sustainable foodies. Jenné redefines what it means to live a vegan lifestyle. She embodies everyday environmentalism by being mindful about her lifestyle choices, even beyond food. Jenné aims to empower others to make similar choices through her online platform and recipes, and her Instagram feed is a striking blend of vibrant colors that represent her vibrant life. Contrary to many chefs on the platform, Jenné features photos of herself and her delicious vegan food, as well as the occasional yoga pose, and has enough content variety for every foodie out there.

Jamie Oliver 

Pick up your utensils and be inspired to join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. If you haven’t heard of this British celebrity chef before, he’s best known in the U.S. for the show Food Revolution, where he attempts to change the way American children and their school systems indulge in unhealthy, fast food. Jamie’s Instagram provides a larger outlook on his personal life beyond television, featuring delicious dishes and recipes and, of course, his kids. Jamie has taken part in several campaigns aiming to change the way people eat, in both the US and UK, and is a spokeschef for sustainable fishing campaign “Big Fish Fight.”


Christine Wong’s Instagram is a delectable mix of healthy recipes and dishes, raw foods and travel photos. Christine began her culinary journey by cooking for her kids from scratch, and her blog — Yommme — has gained traction and a dedicated audience ever since. She aims to help individuals and their families make healthy, nourishing choices in food as a nutritionist and recipe maker, and her ‘gram is anything but boring. She has images of fresh farmer’s market fruits that remind viewers to shop locally, and her eye-catching food photography styles are bound to catch any foodie’s eye.

The Plant Feed

Christoffer’s feed is daringly minimalist: food, food and food against a clean, neutral background. He’s not very wordy in his captions either, but from what we can get from his one-line Instagram bio, he’s a vegan chef that supports cruelty-free and organic foods. In Christoffer’s case, simplicity speaks volumes. His website, theplantfeed.com, showcases the variety of ingredients he uses in his dishes, but never coupled with any instructions. Nevertheless, his clean feed and food styling skills definitely deserve a follow; Christoffer always delivers mouth-watering dishes — filling lunch and dinner selections with the occasional plant-based smoothie.

Fully Raw Kristina 

As the self-proclaimed “chief goddess” of Fully Raw, Kristina’s sustainable impact and lifestyle expands beyond than her colorful and vibrant Instagram feed. Her photos are full of mouth-watering fruits and vegetables, and her travel destinations are exotic and tropical. As her name foreshadows, Kristina only eats a diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables, a lifestyle she adapted since she was 18 to save off her hyperglycemia. Kristina began non-profit organization Rawfully Organic that is an organic co-operative aiming to make organic foods accessible and affordable, as well as inspiring others to lead healthy, raw, and organic lifestyles.

The Seasonal Table 

Tom and Kathy’s “slow living” style and “slow food” cuisine happens on a 1.5-acre holding in Somerset, England. This couple shares a rustic life and farm-based food that immediately connects their Instagram fans to their the couple’s rural roots. The Seasonal Table is not only food but also farm — there are photos of their chickens, eggs and fresh produce that is raw and real to both the eyes and taste buds. This Instagram is for foodies who want insight on the process of many farmers and will be inspired to #shoplocal and #eatlocal after seeing the fruits of Tom and Kathy’s labors. The Seasonal Table also shares seasonal recipes on a blog and the progression of their smallholding life is surely one to follow.