About this Project

About This Project

The Future of Food is a podcast, deep dive articles, and a book about what comes next in food. We all make a thousand decisions every day about what we eat. This most intimate part of life, the problem of finding food satisfaction that we face every few hours, is a black hole of knowledge as deep as the hole in the pit of your stomach when you are hungry. The podcast aims to fill that hunger for information with conversations and stories about food and tech. Read More

Deep Dive Stories

Increasing life longevity by food, eating less, and intermittent fasting from futurefood.fm Can Food Make You Live Forever? May 18, 2018 by Jesse Reffsin
The secret origin history of kale that has driven the superfood vegetable to the top on futurefood.fm The Tale of Kale May 16, 2018 by Lee Schneider